I’m visual artist who combines  installation art, performative actions, drawing and most recently bio-art. The  aisthetic process and research are fused inseparably in my works. My practise is focused  on human and his symbolic relationship with nature, space and inherited memory. Hauntological themes are clearly visible in it. I am looking for an answer to the question of what makes a given space resonate more strongly on us, in a disturbing way that it is marked by" haunting déjà vu ".

Why do people fear certain places and how nature influences them. I study the interdependencies between the history of a given place and how a ruderal habitat is formed in it after the exploatation and departure of man. Nature is not only an eco-witness to history, but also its bearer and aftermath. Reaching to the folk, local beliefs and symbolism, I transform the information obtained about a given place into artistic activities. I am fascinated by folk rituals and their influence on people and places and how they relate to nowadays. 

My search is highly interdisciplinary. It combines anthropological research, natural science and the visual arts. I start working on each project with a broad reseach and for me it is the most important part of the whole process. It is largely conceptual work aimed at exploring a given topic and creating an idea. Based on the acquired knowledge, I select the appropriate tools and materials to visualize my idea. I try to make all materials recycled or biodegradable, such as: cotton, linen, wood, bacteria, or items I find.


- 2014-2017 Faculty of Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (BA)

-2017-2019 Faculty of Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (MA) 

- 2016/2017- Escola das Artes/ Sound and Image/ Porto/ PT (MA)

Scholarships/ residences:
- 2020- Art House/ Adam Mickiewicz Institute; Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle/ PL
- 2020- Curating internship/ Zacheta National Gallery/ Warsaw/ PL
- 2018- Qual Albatroz/ Oeiros/ PT 

Solo exhibitions: 

-2021- Biodegradable Space/ RFF Rybnicki Festiwal Fotografii/ Fundacja Elektrowni Rybnik/ Rybnik/PL

-2021- Biodegradable Space/ Cracow Art Week KRAKERS: (NO) HOPE Laboratory section/ Rzeszowska 3/ Cracow/ PL

-2021- Translation memory/ Kraków Photomonth XIX/ FRINGE/ Rzeszowska 3/ Cracow/ PL

- 2021- God bless this family/ Gwar Przestrzen Artystyczna/ Katowice/PL

​- 2018- The Shinings/ Galeria Duzy Pokoj/ Warsaw/ PL

- 2017- Tested on myself/ Oleandrów/ Warsaw/ PL

- 2017- Starting points/ MYKO/ Warsaw/ PL 

Group exhibitions:

-2022- Matters of Lives/ Venice Art Projects/ Venice/ IT

-2022- Pills/ Survival 20 / Wrocław/ PL

-2022- You have to start somewhere/ TURNUSIK / Warsaw/ PL

-2021- Return from the stars/ VI Piotrkowskie Biennale of Art/ Piotrków Trybunalski/ PL

-2021- Houseworks/ Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2021/ NAGA/ Pracownia Wschodnia/ Warsaw/ PL 

-2021-  At the edges of space/ Cracow Photomonth XIX/ FRINGE/ Skład Solny/ Cracow/ PL

- 2020- Family Archive/Duzy Pokój/ Picture Doc Foundation/ Warsaw/PL

- 2018- II Contemporary Art Review New Avant-Garde/ Galeria Szyb Wilson/ Katowice/ PL

 -2016- 1000° in sculpture/ Galeria HOL/ Lodz/ PL

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